About Us

Music Wallcharts’ journey starts with a teacher and his student.

Alistair taught Andrew composition and theory in his junior year of HS, sparking a collaboration that would take them to concerts all over the world. Their bond and collaboration culminated in Andrew conducting in Carnegie Hall with a full combined orchestra. Having such a rewarding, lifelong bond is the dream for any teacher.

However, Alistair, like many educators around the world, saw the lack of support for arts educators firsthand, with gross disparities across the many programs he taught in. It was clear: music education needed a facelift. There were a plethora of interactive, fun, tools for reading, writing, and math...but what about music? The call became clear when the 2020 pandemic took music away: no more live concerts, no more live jazz, no more in-person music classes.

The mission to keep the love of music alive presented as more important than ever. And so, over Zoom and across the country from each other, Alistair and Andrew became students together in learning design tools, website building tools, and all of the required puzzle pieces of developing a product dedicated to their love of music. 

Prototyping the Wallcharts would be the first time they would see each other after two and a half years of Zoom. Music brings us together.

Andrew & Alistair • Exhibiting at ACDA, Cincinnati.