Purchase Information

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To purchase with a credit card or Apply Pay etc., click here.

Purchase orders
Choose how many sets to open a quotation that attaches to a school purchase order: 1 set • 2 sets • 3 sets • 4 sets • 5 sets of Music Wallcharts. When approved, upload the signed purchase order with PO number here and mail the payment to: Music Wallcharts • 345 Waller St. • San Francisco • CA 94117

Pay via QuickBooks payment link or from bank account
Choose many sets below to make a payment through a Quickbooks payment link: 1 set • 2 sets • 3 sets • 4 sets • 5 sets of Music Wallcharts.

Shipping and Terms
We ship sets of Music Wallcharts in 2 business days with 30 days terms for schools.

Annual Subscription Information
During 2024, schools that purchase sets of Music Wallcharts will have free access to our digital content for one year as a BETA user. From 2025, schools will purchase annual subscriptions for the RHYTHM, HARMONY, MELODY & SCORE units.

If you need any help or have any questions, please contact us.