Digital Content

Schools that purchase sets of Music Wallcharts during 2024 will become digital content BETA users for our categories RHYTHM, HARMONY, MELODY & SCORE, and receive one year of free content via QR code beginning this Fall. From 2025, schools will purchase annual subscriptions for our categories.

Let's outline how our digital content will help teachers:

Wallcharts Webinars Co-Founders give advice on how best to use the Wallcharts and answer questions
How-to videos Quick ways to make music using Wallcharts
Teacher Guide videos How to use Wallcharts in a classroom setting
Detailed walkthrough videos Animated, interactive videos that explain Wallcharts clearly with original music
Digital Wallcharts with embedded videos Clickable digital Wallcharts to project to a classroom or ensemble
Teacher guides and curriculum Suggestions for classroom activities and assignments using Wallcharts
A community of teachers and learners Sharing and uploading questions, ideas, videos, resources, assessment materials etc.
Student competitions Uploading compositions and performances with the aim of digital and in-person concerts and events


As BETA users, your feedback will be invaluable as we build and finish the content. Check out some clips from our walkthrough videos - let us know if you like them!: